Lesson Tips


  • Be your nice & friendly self!
  • You are dealing with another human being, so use your great social skills to make your guest feel comfortable and welcome. Offering water or a hot drink on entrance is sometimes a very nice idea!
  • Don't spend too much time getting to know each other, as the student is there to primarily learn, so when ready, crack on!
  • Be happy and confident in your ability, things that might seem completely simple to you might be extremely unfamiliar to others.
  • If youíre not sure of an answer to a question, be honest & donít blag! Itís more helpful to say you donít know something than to try & pretend.
  • As the teacher, it is up to you to help lead the way through the lesson & subject material. A rough lesson plan might be a good idea if you are new to teaching, allowing for any questions that the student may ask!
  • Help your student understand why you love your subject Ė share your passion.
  • Lastly, enjoy the time you are spending with this person & use your ideas to make it great. We believe in you :D


  • Be as engaged as you can with the teacher. Let them know as much as possible as to what youíve done already in their subject / skill. Be patient and concentrate carefully on what is being said and in enhancing your understanding!
  • It is much better for you and the teacher when you give indication of when you have and have not understood something. Donít be afraid to spend time on something Ė everyone has to go through difficult stages to really make a difference in their knowledge.
  • As with many things, the more you put in the more you will get out, so give reassurance to the teacher to let them know they are doing a great job - this will have a positive feedback effect and will benefit you greatly.
  • Enjoy the time you are spending with this other person Ė you will never again be as naÔve as you were before the lesson!
  • Ask questions and make the most of it!
  • Enjoy yourself!