How it works

iSKILLu enables you to have a lesson with someone on the basis that you will teach someone else.
The number of credits you have keeps track of your overall give & take. When you teach someone, you get one of their credits.
One credit = one hour.

What to do

1  Produce your profile with what knowledge / skills you can teach & want to learn.
2  Find another member you might like a lesson from - the following will help you decide who:
      - Watch their Viddit (profile video clip)
      - How many credits they have (indication of their overall give & take)
      - How many hours they’ve given to others
      - How many people have verified their integrity
      - Their feedback
3  Message them to request a date, time & place
4  Send a credit across when confirmed
5  Enjoy the lesson & leave feedback / verify them if they deserve it!
6  If someone requests a lesson from you… teach them to earn a credit if you'd like!

Please note:

- You make 'contacts' automatically with other members when a lesson is confirmed - not 'friends' like in other social networking websites.
- You have a buffer for your credits that goes from -3 to 3. Aiming to be around 0 helps create a faster economy for everyone else.
- Any ideas / bugs please report it in the forum.