What is iSKILLu?

How does it work?

What is iSKILLu?

iSKILLu is a new website in which members can share skills, knowledge and ideas, face-to-face or over the internet, without the need for money. Simply, you can teach what you know, and learn what you want.


How does it work?

Please see the introduction page

What are the aims of iSKILLu?

There are several:

1. Enable a service to absolutely everyone to be able to learn anything, without the need of money.

2. Increase the overall knowledge shared, and human capital of as many individuals as possible

- This maximises the success of a society by enabling knowledge transfer when it would not normally happen.

- This can also be applied to the retired who are sitting on a wealth of knowledge which could benefit others substantially.

3. Helping knowledge reach those who would not normally be able to get it from skilled and knowledgeable persons – this potentially can help to change their lives dramatically.

4. Give users greater confidence

- Teaching your subjects and skills has the potential to boost confidence substantially. This will have numerous beneficial consequences that can help improve a life substantially.

5. Help create a greater diversity of knowledge and skills in an individual

“The more diverse a person is, the more resilient they are to external pressures”

6. Help give teaching experience to a wider number of people

- We believe teaching is an incredibly under-appreciated skill that needs a boost in its integrity. Knowledge and skills are what advances the human species, and passing it on ensures that the next generation can do what we do, but better. - Hopefully to look after more beings and to look after the world.  


What are the limits on the number of credits I can have?

Currently at any one point you can either have taken or have given 3 more hours than your equal amount.


What if I have sent a credit across and then the lesson is cancelled?

If you decide not to reschedule the lesson, ask for the credit to be sent back & inform the administrator to let the system know.


What if I have sent a credit across and then the other member does not turn up?

Give them a call to find out what has happened & whether you can reschedule. If the member does not respond via phone or a messaging service, leave feedback as ‘no show’ and inform iSKILLu admin to edit the system.


Why can’t I send a credit across?

You might have reached the maximum threshold allowed. Currently this is set at -3. To earn some more credits, teach! If this does not solve your problem please see the forum / contact admin.


I taught a lesson but I did not receive a credit

This is either because the member has not manually sent it across (which should always be done before the lesson occurs) or

You have reached the maximum allowed limit for credits (currently at 3). This is to stop hoarding of credits – and to ensure there is always enough credits in the system being exchanged between people. (One credit you hoard is a credit someone else can’t use)


What is one credit worth?

1 credit = 1 hour.

For some subjects however it might be sensible for it to be a slightly different time (e.g. for cooking), and so it is up to the teacher to arrange with the student if it is going to not be exactly 1hr.


It costs me money to teach my skill, do I charge the pupil?

Yes you can, but it is up to you to pre-arrange this before you meet up so that there is no unexpected charge! Costs to be paid for by the student could include materials and transport costs (should be a rare event).


Who pays for the room hire?

If you mutually decide to rent out a room, then the cost should be paid for by the pupil – unless of course you mutually come to another arrangement for a specific reason.


What if my subject or skill is not included within the listings?

Please post it under the ‘Recommend a subject or skill’ title in the forum.

You will be notified when it is added to the database


Where should I meet up with someone that I have not met yet?

It is entirely at your discretion, but we thoroughly recommend meeting up with a new face at your local recommended meeting place. If you need to meet in a private building for the lesson then it might be a good idea to bring a friend with you, or at the very least let someone close to you know of your whereabouts and plan.


What’s a Viddit?

A Viddit is a profile video. It goes where you would normally expect the profile picture to go. This is a 20 second clip of yourself introducing yourself & your knowledge, or even demonstrating your skills. It’s completely up to you how you want to show off / entice perspective pupils.


Should I invite my friends?

Most definitely. First of all you will be able to get verifications from them more easily and secondly ensure that whenever you next teach them, this time you get a credit in exchange that can benefit you as well!

The more people we have on the site the more subjects & skills we will be able to choose from enabling more possible transfers – thus eventually enabling you.

(For example one of your friends might take a lesson from someone who now has a credit that might want to give it to you!)


How can I ensure that I meet up with the best possible person?

It is completely up to you who to choose & who to message. Features that we have that will help you with your decision are:

- Their profile page info (About me description, whether they have qualifications & a CRB)

- Their Viddit (profile video clip)
How many credits they have (indication of their overall give & take)

- How many hours they’ve given to others

- How many people have verified their integrity

- The amount and quality of their feedback


Someone has messaged me requesting a lesson - do I have to teach them?

It is completely up to you, if you do not want to or have no time available then you do not have to. It is always nice for a response to a message however so we do recommend replying and simply say you are currently not available.


Who can see my information?

Only members signed up to the iSKILLu can see your information. The privacy setting is set to ‘members only’ as standard on all new content.