Benefits to you


  • Learn many new things
  • Inspire others
  • Increase your social connections
  • Improve your employability and skills
  • Help create a more communal and fair society
.. all while enjoying yourself at the same time.

Social Benefits:

1. Improves the well-being of those taking part
2. Improves physical and mental health
3. Improves social connections and increases social inclusion for typically marginalised groups
- Specifically the unemployed, retired, part / full time workers, university students, potential teachers, teachers, private tutors and those exiting university.
- Under a common subject interest, religious and social boundaries can slowly be eroded, helping create new bonds and thus local & national cohesion.
- Widening social circles and even be used for dating
4. Improves employability and skills
- Specifically soft skills: social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people.
5. Reduces isolation and improves peoples experience of services
- Helps get information to individuals when usually it would not – ‘a structural way of lifting the bottom’.
6. Creates a fairer society – equal opportunities for all


Personal Benefits:

7. Being fun – learning whatever one wants
8. Be able to find a teacher anywhere in the world
9. Imparting your enthusiasm and knowledge, inspire you and others
- Develops self – confidence, self-status and worth.
10. Teaching others is the best way to improve your understanding of your own subjects
11. Being part of something that makes a difference
- Participation in iSKILLu will be to contribute to the spread of knowledge, experience and skills: participation in something of genuine social value.